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The Swinging Guru is DirtyDavid. David has been involved in the Swinging scene since he was 18, way back in 1974.

As well as meeting hundreds of couples and single ladies for private dates he has arranged over 500 Swingers Parties and hundreds of Swingers Socials.

David has been running swingers Contact websites since 1997, he created https://dirty-david.com, then he and a friend called Toby got together in 2003 and designed a database for swingers profiles which is now known as the adult hub which is the back end database for all our swingers contact sites.

You are welcome to contact David if you have a question about swinging that we have not answered on here. However please read below first.

We do not do personal introductions.

We have over 5.5 million members, but their information is protected by various data protection acts in the UK, EU and USA.

If you have a problem with your profile or subscription please contact the helpdesk.

Click the following link to be taken to the helpdesk: at The Swinging.guru HelpDesk

Where to Find Us

Please Note: We no longer live in Europe. We moved from the UK to Spain in 2004, then to Canada in April 2020.

Currently we only meet people here in Atlantic Canada and in Asia when we take our annual scuba holiday

We are not running any events at the moment due to the Covid pandemic. We will resume Swingers Socials as soon as people are allowed to gather again. Please watch https://nbsocials.ca for details.

The Swinging Guru
4637 Route 127
New Brunswick
Canada E5B 2Z4

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Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp or Telegram Messages Only: (+1) (506) 784 7337

If you have a Problem with your profile or subscription.

The quickest way to get a problem resolved is to contact the helpdesk which is manned 24/7.

Only escalate to me if the helpdesk has not been able to resolve your issue.