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What are the age limits in swinging?

There is no fixed upper age limit, it depends upon the sex drive, activeness and attractivness of the individual.

We have been running swingers parties for over 25 years. Our oldest regular was a man in his 70's (yes he did get action), and we had a lady in her mid 60's who was very active at all the parties, she is a Greedy Girl, she liked lots of action, she is a Hotwife, her Cuckold husband brings her to the parties and collects her afterwards, she is also a cougar, all her partners are 20-30 years younger than her.

The generally accepted minimum age for a guest at a swingers club or party is 18, except where the club decides to choose an age is higher. No reputable club will allow access to people under 18

Even though a club or party may allow you entry, there is no guarantee that you will get any action.

Some clubs will have different events for people of different ages such as 18-30 nights or senior nights, as some older people feel uncomfortable playing with people younger than their children and some younger players feel wierd playing with guests old enough to be their grand parents.

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